Working on Working

June 19, 2010

We’re in the apartment in Kansas City, Kansas. It’s on Minnesota if anybody cares. We moved from Lawrence, KS because the rent was paid through a crook, Larry Mason. It was terrible.
But we don’t have a car anymore. This is a serious problem. We’ve got to find a new way to make money. Previously, I did repairs on computers, or electrical systems. I can still do this, of course, but without a car, customers are limited.


Susan is Locked UP

April 11, 2010

UPDATE, Susan is now out.

Susan is in jail in Johnson county, Kansas, at the Gardiner Detention Center. You can write her using a postcard only at

Susan Sergheyev
101 N. Kansas Ave.
Olathe, KS 66061

She’d love to hear from anybody.

She can only make collect calls, so if you send a number, be sure it can receive collect calls. If you want her to write or for her to make a non-collect call, send money. Even the money for a stamp is not available inside a jail. Some info on phone calls or mail:

You can call 1-800-231-0193 regarding setting up a collect phone call account. It’s a rip, but it’s the only way available other than having the inmate buy “phone cards”, which are also overpriced.

If you call 1-800-231-0193, you will need to enter your own number as the number you are “calling about”. When you speak to a representative, they will explain how to pay to set your phone to accept collect calls.

This is the number of the jail: (913) 715-5900

She is in jail because of a probation violation. But it’s unjust. She was already in a rehabilitation program for most of her probation. She was released form the program, and she was violated for not fulfilling probation requirements.  But that would have been impossible because she was not free to do so. Have her explain this to you.